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2023 Horticultural Show

Horticultural Show
Saturday 9th September 2023


The annual show took place in the middle of the autumnal heatwave when the beach might have attracted many, so it was great to still see so much prize produce and their exhibitors in attendance. There were fabulous displays of flowers, vegetables and cakes and the children’s section was brimming with colour. Windchimes hung from every part of the ceiling and there were many new crowns for King Charles.

The opening of the show in the afternoon brought many visitors keen to see the displays and find out who were the winners and everyone enjoyed tea, cakes and a wander.

The Auction afterwards in the heat was hot work for Auctioneer David Hatherall, for who we offer our grateful thanks for his energy and humour. (Hopefully next year the Beer Festival will return; good for quenching an auctioneer’s thirst!) Everyone went home with armfuls of wonderful produce, cakes and homemade jams and alcohol and we raised enough to make a £500 donation to the Trussell Trust, supporting local food banks.

Congratulations to all contributors and the Prize Winners listed below. However you do not have to win to enjoy the event and we would encourage anyone to give it a go because it is great fun taking part.


Sonya Grubb (on behalf of the Horticultural Show Committee)


Allotment Class 

Allotment Trophy

Bruce Pearce

General Section 

Highest points  Hall Comm. Rose Bowl

Bruce Pearce

Second Highest Points Gordon Powell Cup

Sonya Grubb

Best exhibit in General Section Red Ribbon Cup

Bruce Pearce


Flower arranging

Highest points Flower Arranging Rose Bowl

Linda Boyce


Highest points Acton Aid Cup

Maria Pearce



Highest points Photography Cup

Joseph Hatherell

Children’s Section 

Pre-School: highest points Pre-school Cup

Josephine DuBock

5,6,7Age Group:  highest points Junior Cup

Mel Gregory

8,9,10,11 Age Group: highest points Parker Shield

Florence Gazzard

12 – 17     Age Group: highest points Rudman Cup

Abigail Hatherell

Nigel Davis Memorial Cup Photography Class

Rosie Wright



Highest Points all sections

by an Iron Acton Resident St James the Less Cup
Bruce Pearce


Family who have contributed the most entries:

Jubilee Cup

The Rossiter Family


Junior Highest Points in all sections

Dave Taylor Trophy

Florence Gazzard

Children's Class Winners



Class 62

Class 63

Class 64

Class 65

Class 66

Class 67

Class 68

Class 69

Class 70

Class 71

Class 72

Class 73

Class 74

Class 75

Class 76

Class 77


Rosie Wright

Josephine DuBock

Josephine DuBock        

Josephine DuBock        

Mel G

Bethany H

Mel G




Florence G

Florence G

Rosie Wright

Miles Boyce

Abigail Hatherall

Vincent Gazzard


Rosie Wright




Henry D





Ella S

Milla Polonowski

Abigail Hatherall

Abigail Hatherall

Vincent Gazzard


Rosie Wright





Henry S

Sophie T

Nora F
Lois Rossiter     

Miles Boyce


Hugo Boyce

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